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Reasons Why It Is Better To Go For Christian Marriage Counselling Than Secular Counselling.

There is no marriage that is a bed of roses because all marriages have their own issues. While some issues are solved quite easily and settled, others are not and require intervention from marriage counsellors. There is however a debate on whether to choose a Christian based counsellor or a secular one. Although both are geared towards the same thing, to restore the marriage, there are many differences in the approaches to achieve that. The Christian counselling bases its whole approach on the Bible while with secular one, the beliefs of the society and the overall thinking human wellbeing. You will find that some of the counsellors will try use both the approaches so as to be able to come up with solutions for all kinds of people. Are there some reasons you should go for the Christian marriage counselling instead of the secular counselling? Look at the advantages of choosing the Christian marriage counselling over the secular one.

One reason why you and your spouse should choose a Christian marriage counselling approach is first of course because you are Christians and you therefore know and understand the virtues of marriage from a Christian perspective. From this foundation you will be able to search for the best counsellor fit for your marriage. The next step after having the foundation is to find divinely inspired answers to the challenges the couple is facing.

The Christian based values are unequivocal on the way marriages are supposed to be. Whatever issue the couple is battling can then be easily handled by looking at the values from the Christian perspective by looking at God’s intent for marriage right from the start.

By focusing more on blame, secular marriage counselling tends to separate more couples rather than bringing them closer by using the blame tactic they employ. By employing the tactic of bringing up the past to instigate healing, a secular counselor may tear the marriage further apart rather than bring solutions that work. Christian based counselling on the other hand, focuses on removal of blame, helps couples seek forgiveness for those past actions both from God and from oneself. Things that cause chaos in a marriage include, greed, lust, pride and such feelings and the Christian based counselling helps to deal with them thus helping a couple heal and restore their marriage even after serious issue like when a partner has had an affair. To make a marriage stronger and better, this tactic usually holds fast and for long even way after a couple has resumed normal like outside the counselling sessions. You are better off going for Christian marriage counselling over the secular counselling.

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