What is it like to live and work offshore?

Most of the people are very curious over how it is to live and work offshore. There is a certain type of curiosity which is linked with this type of living, and within this article we will explain you what it is like to be a part of oil or gas rig. The information given furthermore will serve you well if you are considering taking a work of this kind, since it is not the same as entering into regular working duties. It takes a lot more than a regular job from 9 to 5, since you will live there and spend the time with your coworkers even after the working hours.

Working shifts

First of all, the average working shift is up to twelve hours, and in an exchange of that, you will get extra twelve hours in order to get a rest. You will be able to change shifts and have a rest at your regular home after couple of weeks, and then repeat the cycle. Most of the offshore jobs are following long working pattern, but of course, once you are done with that, you will have more time to spend back at home.

Many of the people that are working offshore are finding this part as the harder one, since they can’t spend their time with their families and friends once they are over with their shift. But on the other hand, once the working cycle is done, the workers have a lot of time to spend, regardless the energy and the time they gave abroad.


When it comes to the salaries, they have a wide ranges, as well as every other job. They are determined by the working role, the quality of the company, and also, by the experience and skills that one person has to offer. But on the other hand, the payments are much bigger than any other regular job, assuming that you are risking enough by not seeing the close people in your life that often, as well as the risk you put in when working on a rig. And if you are more curious over how will this environment look like, you can follow this link.


Most of the people are curious over the accommodation that a board rig has to offer, but the truth is that it is improved over the years. People involved in this business are aware that their workers need a decent place to stay and relax after their shift. The places are made by offshore living quarters manufacturers, which means that all of them are designed by professionals which are aware about your needs as a worker.

Communication with your friends and family

Another thing that comes into many people’s minds when speaking about a job of this kind is the types of communication you will have in order to connect with your friends and relatives. But the truth is that besides the satellite phones used because there is not a mobile phone signal, the large rigs are having internet connection which will help you easily connect with the rest of the world.


When it comes to spending your free time, you can choose upon varieties of recreations. Since this space is designed in order to make you entertained and relaxed when you are not working, you can be sure that you won’t miss the fun. And when it comes to food, they have their own made facilities in which you can eat decent meals and choose from many types of food. Each rig has its own staff working on this job, in order to help the workers have nutritive values they need, assuming the importance of that when it comes to strong physical work.


Working offshore has its own pro and contra arguments. Accepting this kind of challenge will mean that you will need to trade a big part of your life and go off your regular 9 to 5 job, but in pursuit of that, you will enjoy the free time when coming back to your family and friends, as well as higher payments than any other job. It is up to you to evaluate it from a subjective way.