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How To Choose The Best Drug Testing Kit For The Workplace.

The first thing to look for when you want to do a drug test is a drug testing kit. Not all kits are the same and not all will give accurate results. Because of the great need for accurate results, you will need to find the best quality kits when doing drug tests on employees. There are a lot of tricks employees will try to use to cover their drug use so you will have to have a good quality kit that will uncover their trickeries. Consider the following factors when searching for the best drug testing kit for your workplace.

First thing to consider is the type of drug you want to test for. Even though some employers will want to test for all the drugs they can think of, most prefer to test for a single drug or two. If you want to focus on only one drug, go for the single panel kits. There are multi-panel kits that test for more than one drug. With the single panel tests, you can only be able to identify one specific drug.

Another important thing to consider is the time period you want to test for. You will find that some managers don’t mind if their employees use drugs when they are away from the company. Most will only want to know what they do while at work. The kits needed in this case are those than test for drugs in a short period of time. Some managers feel that the history of their employee says a lot about who they are so they prefer to know more. The kits needed in this case are those that give results of a longer period of use.

Depending on the time period you want to test, you can choose to use whether a urine sample, hair, saliva or blood. An important thing to know is the period of time the drugs stay in each of these. With this knowledge, you can be able to decide which kit to use. There is chart that contains this information, it is a vital part of the kit.

Because of the need for accuracy you will need to look for the best there is. Because you want the best quality, you will need to bear the cost. There are always fakes everywhere so you will find that some of the kits will be inferior and therefore cheaper. If you get these cheap ones, you will compromise also the quality of the drug test results. The substandard kits may let some drugs pass and therefore give a negative drug test to someone who deserved a positive. These kits might also mess you up by detecting drugs that are not there in some samples and make guilty an employee who is guiltless.
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